Known as ‘Hollowbone’ or ‘Pinion’



Bestows the ability to sniff out precious metals. Increased use can result in short-term memory loss and greed.



Gives the rusher a heightened passion for fish



Rushers are able to sniff out corpses or those near death. Can cause nosebleeds in minor cases, and/or cannibalistic tendencies with continued use


Eagle—The Hunter’s Gaze, or Goldeyes

Enhances the sight of the rusher. Can cause cataracts or complete blindness in later life.



Flushes skin to a near-fluorescent red colour

Overuse can result in permanency.



The rusher is gifted the ability to drink great quantities of saltwater. Causes an incredible thirst once rushing is over.



Rusher becomes desperately gluttonous. Often used as a poison.



Increased speed and reflexes. Can result in blisters or injury to ankles and knees.


Peacock/Oriole/Bird of Paradise—Colourbuck

Rusher’s skin takes on an iridescent quality. This may result in the shedding of skin after rushing.



Bestows the ability to mimic any noise or voice. This shade can cause laryngitis with extended use.


Gives a rusher the ability to move appendages at great speed. May cause sprains and broken bones in extreme cases. Also causes a near-debilitating thirst for sugar after rushing.



Allows a rusher to adapt to extreme environments quicker than usual, such as the ability to withstand extreme cold or heat. This shade is highly addictive, hence its nickname. Rushers can develop cravings when not rushing, and start to twitch involuntarily.



Makes a rusher’s skin impervious to water.

Is reported to cause massive dehydration



Allows the rusher to kick out with powerful speed and force. Weaker rushers may find their knees swiftly dislocated.



This shade gifts the rusher with an incredibly strong bite.



Rushers have the ability to withstand strong acid and some poisons, whether ingested or touched. It can cause bright pink skin with overuse.



Rushers are able to withstand desperately cold temperatures, thanks to a thickening of the skin. Unfortunately it can cause weight gain.



Bestows an incredible sense of smell on the rusher.



Provides a very strong skull and the ability to move rapidly, particularly when head-butting. Drawbacks include a vicious hunger for tree-dwelling insects.

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