Known as ‘Gillers'



Rushers gain an extra-sensory ability which enables them to feel the presence of other rushers



Gives a rusher a mouthful of sharp teeth. Side-effects can often include the severance of a tongue, difficulty speaking, and damage to the inside of the mouth.


Electric Eel—Cracklers

Rusher can electrify the skin and manipulate electricity. An untrustworthy shade, it can resurface at random even without rushing.



Brings a rainbow-like quality to the skin. Can last for weeks.



Gives the rusher a dogged sense of determination Skin exudes a fishy odour.



Rushers can withstand increased pressures.



Bestows upon a rusher an increased awareness of and resistance to disease. Can last months, but can also make a rusher short-tempered and violent.



Both a blessing and a curse, this shade gives rushers poison barbs along the spine.



Gives a rusher the ability to spit ink. Can also cause a loss of bone density.



Rushers have the ability to bend bones and warp skin to avoid getting damaged. However, prolonged use can permanently alter the hue of the skin.


Archer fish—Sprat

Rushers can spit water with incredible velocity and force. The drawbacks of this shade include loss of teeth and mouth control.


Provides the ability to withstand the heat of the sun for long periods, and an increased lung capacity.



Gives a rusher rubber-like skin and muscle, and the ability to squeeze or fit into smaller spaces.


Box jellyfish

Gives the rusher poisonous barbs on the fingertips.



Gives a rusher an increased sense of loyalty and armoured skin along the shoulders, neck and back.



Speckled skin, and sharp barbs protrude from the shoulders. Gives skin a speckled or striped quality for camouflage, and spiked barbs protrude from shoulders.



This shade increases a rusher’s speed and reactions



Skin can adapt to its surroundings, altering colour and texture to camouflage the rusher. Overuse can result in loss of muscle control and bony growths on the arms.


Moray Eel—Snapper

This shade sharpens the teeth and gives a strong bite to the rusher.


Mantis shrimp—Hammer

Bestows upon the rusher an incredible punch. Its drawback is strangely colourful skin.



Rushers are given glowing eyes and increased night-vision



Skin can adapt to surrounding textures, though this shade can cause barbs to grow on the face and skin to become a dark grey colour.

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