Known as ‘Blackeyes' or 'Greenbloods'


Increases a rusher’s overall physical attractiveness. It is recorded that this shade may shorten lifespans.



Rushers of this shade can run across water if they are fast enough.


Honey bee 

Provides an enhanced sense of smell. Overuse can cause depression if the rusher is left alone too long.



Gives the rusher a sharp, slightly poisonous sting that protrudes from the base of the palm. Rushers of this shade can develop a nervous disposition


Dung Beetle/Ant/Stag beetle—Charger

Enhanced strength, yet can cause blackening of the eyes, like many other shades in this vein.



Gives a rusher the ability to snap hands together at supersonic speeds, crushing enemies. In extreme cases, rushers also develop jagged fingers. The drawbacks include broken limbs.



A rusher of this shade can shed a fine, choking dust from the skin.


Glow worm

This shade makes skin glow a bright yellow or green. Bleaching of the skin to a pure white or pale yellow can occur with overuse.



Sirens can screech at a piercing pitch and volume, momentarily stunning enemies or breaking glass. Snapped vocal chords may occur in lesser rushers.



This shade causes the skin to glow or flash brightly for a limited time.


Funnel-web spiders—Silkfingers/Strangler

Hands produce a sticky, tough silk, which can also provide enhanced climbing abilities. One common drawback is an increased hunger for flies and other insects.


Trapdoor spider

Rushers are able to move in incredible, though short-lived, bursts of speed.


Black Widow spider—The Dead Man

Causes the rusher’s fingertips to become poisonous. The drawback, even for strong rushers, is permanence, hence this shade’s nickname.


Goliath spider

This shade causes the rusher’s body to grow one and a half times larger, and swell with muscle. It can result in dislocated shoulders and joints.


Centipede/Cockroach—Black Knight

Gifts a rusher thick, armoured scales along the forearms, back and shoulders. In almost all cases, it causes a blackening of the eyes.


Stick insect 

This shade causes thinning of the limbs and enhanced sneaking ability.



Gives a rusher the ability to sap energy from a victim or enemy. This shade should be treated with caution, as it is viciously addictive.



This particular shade can heighten a rusher’s power and ability to rush. The drawback is once again blackened eyes.



This gifts rushers with an incredibly sturdy digestive system


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