Known as ‘Scalebleeders or 'C'oldbloods'



Gifts a rusher with the ability to rattle skin to intimidate enemies. Also makes a rusher’s bite poisonous. The drawback, as with many of the reptile shades, is permanent scales.



Gives a rusher leathery armour along their back and shoulders.


Whiptail lizard

This shade gifts a rusher with increased speed. Overuse can cause muscle strains, atrophy, and even permanent damage.


Horned lizard

Rushers have the ability to siphon water out of the air in desert climates. Scales are once again a drawback.


Horny devil

This shade produces multiple, jagged spikes on a rusher’s shoulders, arms and back.



Rushers using this shade have enhanced climbing abilities thanks to sticky fingers.


Komodo dragon—Dribblekill

The Komodo shade gifts a rusher with mildly poisonous saliva which, over a period of time, can debilitate an enemy. Extreme tooth decay has been recorded as a side-effect.


Asp/Sea snake

These shades give rushers poisonous fangs, but can cause damage to gums and lips



Enhanced strength, and slightly longer arms for reaching around enemies. Arthritis is a common side-effect of this shade. 


Bearded dragon

Rushers grow tough scales instead of skin. Dermatitis has been recorded.



Rushers become incredibly stealthy. Teeth also become sharper and more numerous. This can cause gum disease as well as scales in lesser rushers.



Skin becomes reactive to colour and light, changing to adapt to surroundings. Very difficult shade to master.



Rusher’s eyes take on a very intimidating quality which is only increased by staring.


Snapping turtle/Terrapin

This shade gives rushers thick leathery skin and stronger teeth than normal.



Increased resistance to fire and flame. Permanent blackening of the skin can occur.


Dart frog—Sickskin

Skin becomes poisonous to the touch. Rushers can develop halitosis with prolonged use.


Monitor lizard—Raker

Rusher can grow sharp and long claws. Side-effects can include blisters, ingrown nails, and arthritis.


Gila monster

Gives rushers the ability to spit acid for short periods of time.


Coqui frog—Screech

Rushers can screech at a piercing volume. Laryngitis is a very common condition associated with this shade.


Horned toad 

This particular shade bestows the ability to swallow great volumes, and stretch mouth to incredible proportions. Can clause slack jaw.



Increases aggression.



This shade thickens the skin, turning it into leather.


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