Kickstarter has begun!

January 12, 2013

Great news all around - The Kickstarter project to turn my book ‘The Written’ into a graphic novel has now been launched!


Officially opening for business at 1.30pm yesterday, the project is now barely 24 hours in and already it is 31% funded. I am incredibly pleased by how quickly we’ve reached this milestone, so very humbled by how supportive people have been so far. Fingers crossed, I really do think we have a chance of reaching the £5,000 goal, and even going beyond it. That’s what the Stretch Goals are there for, after all!


Of course, there are still 48 days to go, and still that 60% left. At the time of writing, that’s £3,423 left to raise.


Be it £1 or £100, anything that anyone can pledge towards the project brings us that much closer to the goal. And even if you can’t pledge, you can still help me out by telling people about the project and what I’m trying to achieve. In the words of Tesco’s - Every little helps.


You can help me out by:

  • Simply forwarding a link to the project (see the bold link below) to a friend, family member, colleague, acquaintance, stranger you met down the pub, enemy, anyone! Everyone and anyone :)

  • Sharing the news on Facebook. You can like or share the status updates on my page ( or you can paste a link on your own wall.

  • Sharing or retweet it on Twitter, using the hashtag #EmaneskaGN. My username is the usual @BenGalley


You can find the Kickstarter project here: There’s a video to watch, as well as a chance to ask questions about the project. You can also have a look through all the rewards too - a veritable smorgasbord of goodies and special stuff that I’m giving away to those who pledge. There are signed copies, keyrings, exclusive artwork, stickers, eBooks, and even the chance to appear in the novel itself, having your likeness as one of the background characters in the artwork. Exciting stuff.


Lastly, a huge thanks to all of you who have pledged so far. 48 days to go. Let’s see how far we can go!





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Ben Galley is an award-winning dark and epic fantasy author who currently hails from Victoria in Canada. Find out more:


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September 19, 2019

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