What on earth am I up to?

June 20, 2013

That’s a good question! The quick answer is that I’m up to lots of things. Lots and lots. The problem is that none of you know what any of them are! There remains a vacuum of uncertainty now that Dead Stars have been unleashed and the Emaneska Series has been finished.  I’m getting a lot of frantic tweets and Facebook posts hollering ‘WHAT’S NEXT?’ and ‘PLEASE TELL ME YOU’RE WRITING MORE BOOKS!?’ Well, of course I am. And that’s our first order of business:


I’m writing a new book:

During the last four years, whilst writing Emaneska, I’ve been squirreling away all the ideas and compiling them into a big landslide of things I want/need to write. Trust me, when I say landslide, I mean landslide. I calculated the other day that I have roughly 12 books lined up and ready to be written, with countless short stories clamouring in the wings. I’ve essentially got the next 15 years booked up.


So how did I choose what to write next? Naturally, I chose the idea I was most excited about, the one that I couldn’t stop thinking about. It’s important that I write what is vital, instead of writing something to just get it out of the way.


So what is it? I’ll try and break this down as simply as possible. My next book will be a standalone fantasy set in 1865, split between pseudo-Victorian London and the frontier wilds of post-civil war Wyoming. It’s not set in our world, but rather a tweaked version of history. It will be very much in the fantasy vein – strange creatures of the American wilds, Native Americans (of a kind) steeped in history and strange culture. There will also be a magic system that is crucial to the plot. The story will follow the son of the British Empire’s Prime Lord. Unexpectedly orphaned when his father, the Bulldog of Londinium, is shot on the steps of his ancestral home, he is sent to live with his undertaker uncle, in the wilds of Wyoming, far from his silver spoon upbringing. This is a land that revolves around railways and cattle, around gold, guns, and dust, around blood and magic. It’s dangerous, dark, and I can’t wait to write it. It’s strange, not being in the world of Emaneska. I feel like I’ve just moved house, or more accurately, planets. A little part of me is nervous, but the rest is thoroughly excited. I feel like it’s the next stage of me as an author.


What else? The graphic novel continues:

The Written graphic novel is growing page by page. It’s slow going, due to the complexity of turning text into art, but at least it’s going. The artwork looks brilliant. If you haven’t seen the most recent snippets, I’ll be posting more on the Twitter and Facebook, but you can also go here to read the Kickstarter updates. I can’t wait to get this on the shelves!


Shelf Help is also changing:

I’m overhauling the Shelf Help site to provide not only advice, but also complete self-publishing services. You will soon have the chance to use Shelf Help as a self-publishing provider. The way I’m planning it, you will still have the option to chat to me and ask advice, but instead of going away and doing it yourself, I will be able to directly organise editing, cover design, formatting, and printing for you. It’s in blueprint stage at the moment, so give me a few months. More news on this as it develops.


And something else Top Secret:

I’ll also be launching another website soon. I can’t say much about it until it launches, but it is very much to do with books. It’s not to do with self-publishing, nor me as an author. It will be a new direction for me, and I’m quite excited about it. What I can reveal is that it will be called Libiro.  Again, more news as it unfolds. All you need to know is that it will hopefully be launching in August.


That’s about it from me today. I hope that sheds some light on what I’m tinkering with, what pies I’m dipping my fingers into. As you can see, The Emaneska Series may be over, but it’s only the beginning for me. There’s a lot I want to achieve, and I’m intent on achieving it. I feel it will be a good rest of the year – hopefully productive and pioneering. New directions, expanded horizons, and lots of work to be done. Exciting times for this author. Keep your eyes peeled.





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