It's been a big month for me...

August 21, 2013

…and an even bigger one is coming up!


What have I been up to? Well the reasons for maintaining radio silence on the Fiction Factory (and for that I sincerely apologise!) have been legion. I’ve been juggling a lot of balls and spinning a lot of plates this month. No, I haven’t joined a circus. I’ve been getting stuck in with a number of projects that I’ve had on the backburner for about a year now. Projects that have gathered dust while I finished Dead Stars. However, now that Emaneska is no longer a priority, I’ve dragged them out into the light, wiped the dust off, and kicked them into life.


What projects, you ask? Why should you be excited? Well, if you’re an author or writer, then these projects are very relevant to you.


First off, you might have seen that Shelf Help has had a huge facelift. I’ve spent the last month redesigning the whole site to give it a bit more of a modern and dare I say, sexier, edge. I’ve also expanded it. Not only does Shelf Help still offer advice and 1:1 sessions with me, but it now offers actual services such as cover design and eBook/print formatting.


Services have always been in the pipeline for Shelf Help. Advice is necessary and in high demand, but so are services, and now I’m proud to be able to give authors even more help with publishing their books.


Another reason for expanding Shelf Help is the existence, and number, of disreputable companies out there treating authors like pots of money on conveyor belts. I decided that the best way to combat them was to enter the fray myself. Angry, cautionary blog posts are all well and good, but if I can offer authors a better and more reliable service, then I’ve taken an even bigger step to showing them for what they really are.


If you haven’t seen the new Shelf Help, then you can have a little look here. But wait just one moment. Shelf Help is the tip of the iceberg.


Last year, I came up with the idea of launching an eBook store. It was a bold plan, but one riddled with a lot of technical problems, financial obligations, and just, well, holes. Whilst I was finishing off Dead Stars, I kept having a go at it in my spare time, trying to make it work. Sadly, it didn’t, and I shelved it. Until now.


Earlier this year, the concept changed from a general eBook store to a specialist eBook store, devoted entirely to indie authors and their books. I gave the concept to somebody far more technical than I, staying on the sidelines to give advice and act as a consultant. Slowly but surely, Libiro, was formed, and I’m very proud to say that it will be launching to the public on the 1st of September. Barely two weeks away! It’s actually live now, but just for author submissions. You can find Libiro here.


My intention was to stay on the sidelines, but I just can’t help myself. I’ve been invited on board to manage it, and it’s too exciting a concept to ignore. The response has already been great


So there you have it. Shelf Help, a brand new eBook store, and of course, all the writing and graphic novelling as usual. Told you I was busy…


What are you up to? Comment below or tweet me @BenGalley.





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September 19, 2019

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