Emaneska in Audio!

July 1, 2014

So the Emaneska novels are out. The special edition hardbacks are out too. The Written graphic novel is in its publishing stage. Surely I'd be happy with that?


Nope. Audio.


I'm very pleased to announce that last week I launched a project to turn the first Emaneska book, The Written, into an audiobook. (Hence why our good friend and favourite mage has swapped his fire spells for an iPhone and a pair of rather oversized headphones - I've been chuckling at that for days now.)


I'm using ACX to do it, which is a platform that allows authors and publishers to offer audio projects to Producers. Producers then audition for the position of narrator, and the author (in this case me) can choose the best one to take into production.


The result? If everything goes well, then the very first Emaneska audiobook will be out later this year. It'll be on sale at ACX, iTunes, and Audible, ready for your ears to enjoy!


So why is this such a cool bit of news? Well, because of the open nature of ACX, it means you (yes you) can audition as well.


So if you think you've got the voice for The Written, can do a mean Farden impression, or fancy applying your deep, dulcet tones to a dragon, then get click right here and get auditioning. It's completely private, so it will only be me listening, and there's a 50/50 split on offer as well as an ACX stipend if you're selected as the Producer.


If you'd rather not audition, then please do spread the word for me instead. Or, if you know anybody who may be interested in audition, please pass this information on to them so they can get a chance to audition.


It'll be very fun to hear The Written, instead of reading it or seeing it scribbled in art form. I'm excited, and hope you are too.


Later this week I'll be posting a new sneak peek of the new and forthcoming novel - my western fantasy.


Stay tuned.





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