Graphic novel cover revealed!

July 9, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen! Here it bloody well is!


It gives me great pleasure to finally show this off to you. All I want to say is "tada" and be done with it, but you know an author can never say so little.


It's been a long time coming, a very long time indeed. Over a year, in fact, and I know how much you’ve all been clawing at your keyboards to see more of this graphic novel. Well, here it finally is, finished and ready to be attached the rest of the novel.


If you're dying to know who's emblazoned on the cover, I will tell you, but for the sake of SPOILERS I will tuck the list at the very bottom of this blog.


If you’re new to the world of Emaneska, and you have no clue about this graphic novel, then I’ll tell you all about it below:


Early last year I decided it was to time to turn my bestselling novel The Written into a graphic novel. Through a mixture of crowd-sourcing (to find the right artist) and crowd-funding via Kickstarter (to raise the £5500), we managed to kick off the process. It’s been a long road, first raising the money, then planning it out, then of course the artwork, and now publishing, but we’re getting there. This cover reveal marks an important milestone in the publishing process, and also hints at how near we are to the actual release of the finished novel.


The graphic novel itself encapsulates the entire novel from start to epic finish, and we’ve spared no expense with the plot. It’s taken us time because we’ve taken ours, and made sure each aspect is as good as can be. Myself and my artist Mike are incredibly pleased with it, and we know you will be too.


In the wake of this reveal and in the run-up to the release, any tweets, shares, or posts are incredibly welcome. Please do help us make this graphic novel land with a splash. Below are some links and suggested tweets and posts you can use to share the news. Please feel free to inset your own adjectives and/or expletives! Thanks ever so much.


"Author @BenGalley reveals the cover of his very first graphic novel – The Written! Check it out here:!blog/c7g5"


"If you liked The Written by @BenGalley, then you’ll love the cover of his forthcoming graphic novel:!blog/c7g5"


"I’m a fan of this author, and he’s just revealed the cover of his next novel. Have a look:!blog/c7g5"


Every little helps for an indie author. Keep up the great work, and hopefully catch you in the social media-verses soon.


If you're interested in knowing who the characters are on the front cover, and don't mind a good SPOILER OR TWO, then here's the roll call, clockwise from Farden's fiery hand:


  • Cheska

  • Durnus

  • Farfallen

  • Svarta

  • The old scholars

  • Farden

  • Bane

  • Modren and Elessi (and possibly a lycan behind them... ;)

  • Addren

  • Helyard

  • And of course Farden in the middle


And that's it from me today. Now I think it’s time for a little celebratory wine…





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Ben Galley is an award-winning dark and epic fantasy author who currently hails from Victoria in Canada. Find out more:


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