An Interview With Plague Jack

April 26, 2016


I thought I'd invite fellow SPFBO finalist author Plague Jack over to the blog today to celebrate being part of the SPFBO Storybundle. If you haven't heard, you can get all 10 SPFBO finalist books for whatever you want to pay. That's right. It's quite a haul. Go grab it at


In the meantime, here's Plague Jack to tell you more about himself.


Tell us more about yourself and your books?

Well clearly I'm rocking the whole pseudonymous thing, so I can't talk about myself too much. I imagine I'll slowly start coming out of my shell in the next couple of years, and confirm to the world that I do indeed have a face. For the most part, I'm just an average american fella trying not to die in poverty. 


I'm currently working on two vastly different series, Amernia Fallen and Discord. Amernia Fallen is a series of grimdark fantasy novels (Sins of a Sovereignty, The Wild War,) and Discord is a YA fantasy webcomic. Amernia Fallen takes place before Discord, and the two series share a multiverse, but you don't need to read one to understand the other. 


If you had to describe your books in one sentence, what would it be?

Amernia Fallen: Fantasy tropes get steamrolled by technology. 

Discord: Inter-dimensional Julian Assange recruits a 15 year old girl to work in his library. 


What made you want to write for a living?

I hate pants, so the idea of being able to make money without getting dressed and going outside was really appealing. 


Why did you self-publish?

Control and impatience. If I fail I want to know it's because of something I did. Also time. The publishing industry moves SLOW. I didn't want to wait. I hate waiting. Of course if a publisher wants to throw some money at me I'll reconsider.


How beneficial was SPFBO to you, and what would you say to the SPFBO2 authors?

Hugely. The SPFBO has made self marketing much easier, which is half of self-publishing. It's much easier to get people to take me seriously now, which has improved my life in hundreds of tiny ways. My advice to SPFBO2 authors is to be nice, and make your voice known. If you're not on Twitter, get on Twitter and talk to everyone. Not everyone will like your book, but if they like you they'll be more receptive towards your work in the future. In other-words act like an adult. 


Where can we find out more about you?

You can stalk me on Twitter @plaguejack, but the best introduction to me is probably my webcomic Discord, which is free to read online. I've included the link below, along with my other social media links


Plague Jack


Thanks for reading, and don't forget to grab your SPFBO Storybundle at





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