Fantasy Cocktails

April 28, 2016

This past week I've been messing around with a few cocktail ideas. A few moons ago I used to be a cocktail barman in Guildford. In search of some old skills, I've been messing around with the dregs of my alcohol cupboard over the past few weeks. After several dire experiments (port and cream don't go together, it turns out) it got me thinking about what I would serve if I ever ran a bar again. Seeing as I'm a fantasy author these days, I thought I'd mix things up... pardon the pun. And so, below are eight fantasy-themed cocktails that are sure to either whet or torture your whistle, depending on your preference.


If you've got any of your own to suggest, or adjustments to make, then feel free to comment below!


1: The Mordor Mule

Perfect after a hard day spent marching across the Plateau of Gorgoroth.


2: Beyond the Wall

A classy Wildling favourite.


3: The Gunslinger

A cocktail that a rose would sing for.


4: Long Earth Ice Tea

A long drink for a Long Earth. Worth stepping out for.


5: Hobbitini

Bilbo got hammered on these for his eleventy-first birthday.


6: The Bloody Nine

The first law is always include a severed finger.


7: Stormlight Sling

A drink worth trading a Shardblade for.


8: Dia-Gin Alley

Tastes like a wizard.


9: The Dragon Reborn

This'll put scales on your chest.









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