Deadlines are good

September 11, 2016



One week has passed since the reveal of the cover of The Heart of Stone, so now that the cat is out of the bag, I thought I'd take this opportunity to give you an update on its progress.


The great news is that Heart of Stone is almost finished. I'm now going back over a few sections I haven't yet completed, and then putting the final chapter onto the thing, like the smug cherry on top of a fat 150,000 word cake. Then it's a quick spruce up before I send the finished manuscript off to Mr Editor. No, sadly that isn't his real name. That's scheduled for a bum-clenching 14 days away.


The thing is, deadlines are good. They make you sit up straighter, type a little faster, think a little harder. I've always worked well to deadlines, so at the moment all these final touches are flying out of my fingers. Plus, the finale is always a fun thing to write, so that helps add a little bit of speed. In short, I think I'm on track for a spring release.


I know Spring 2017 sounds like a long way away, especially as the book is going to the editor in mid-September. However, I'm putting more effort into the release of The Heart of Stone than I've put into any book I've published yet. I'm not only aiming for a new level of perfection (as you can tell from the cover!) but I'm also looking to make a big splash on publication day. All of this takes time.


If you can wait that long, then don't forget to sign up to the HoS release mailing list, which means you'll get some extra sneak peeks and special content before publication! You can do that on the HoS page.


Other news!

Thanks to a particularly good couple months of book sales, I'm treating myself to some new camera equipment to help me make more videos and vlogs. As you may have noticed from Facebook and Twitter, I truly enjoy making them, and I've planned out a series of weekly videos and updates that I can't wait to create and share. They'll be kicking off in October so expect to see some more of my face in the near future, rather than my delightful prose.


My self-publishing courses are on the cusp of launch, and if all goes well with the final part of set-up, they will hopefully be available on Ruzuku within the next two weeks. I've produced two online courses — one on DIY self-publishing and the other on digital book marketing. They're looking great, I have to say, so expect plenty of posts on Facebook and Twitter when they launch.


Short stories

As I mentioned in the last blog, some short stories will be coming onto the site over the next few months. They may even make it onto Amazon! I'll be starting them properly as soon as Heart of Stone has been handed over to be edited. I'm looking forward to trying out shorter fiction, and seeing how my style adapts to snapshot storylines.


Dyslexic books

That's right, I'm working on a little project to turn my books into versions that are dyslexia-friendly, and optimised for easier reading. Accessibility is something I feel strongly about and just by making a few little changes to the fonts, spacing and sizes, I can make my books accessible to many more people. I'll be starting with Bloodrush, which has already been reformatted, and will be out for Christmas! I'll tell you more about this soon. Probably in a video!


And that's it from me this week. Stay tuned to my social media for more.









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September 19, 2019

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