The BenCast #83 - Grim Solace, Emaneska and More

February 7, 2019


It's been a damn exciting start to the year for me, what with Grim Solace out and The Written becoming an Amazon bestseller. It's been hella busy, too, organising the rapid release of Chasing Graves and kicking off the new Emaneska Series, and they haven't left me with a lot of time to keep you readers up to date.


So, as it's high time I did, I thought I would head down to frigid Victoria Harbour, brave the crowds of geese, and put together a new BenCast for you all about what madness I've got planned for 2019.


In this BenCast, I chat about: 

- the recent release of GRIM SOLACE, Chasing Graves Book 2

- the new Emaneska Series, the SCALUSSEN CHRONICLES

- a brand new, BC-inspired fantasy trilogy

- and more plans for exciting new vlogs.


It's going to be a busy rest of the year, but a productive and (hopefully) thrilling one. Well, I've put it all on the record now, so I guess I better get cracking. No rest for the wicked.


(Music by Broke For Free and Blank & Kytt)

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Ben Galley is an award-winning dark and epic fantasy author who currently hails from Victoria in Canada. Find out more:


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September 19, 2019

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