Epic Fantasy Books Like "Game of Thrones"

May 25, 2019


Now that good old Game of Thrones has come to an end (at least in TV form), no doubt there are many of you out there that are hungry for more epic fantasy. More dragons and battles. More rivalries and revenge. More sorcery and political manoeuvring. To help you out, I thought I would put together a list of fantasy books that feature similar elements to A Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice & Fire, books that are sure to scratch that itch for more fantastical adventure.


Below you’ll find a mix of books by brilliant authors I’ve read or know through the community and critical acclaim. All of the suggestions below are the first books in larger, epic series, or complete series box sets. There are also some excellent deals to snap up. Check them out and enjoy.



The Wings of War Series

Among the scattered fringe cities bordering the Cienbal Desert, the true name of the Monster of Karth is spoken only in whispers… Raz i'Syul Arro. A bestseller in epic fantasy, dark fantasy and fantasy adventure, to name but a few accolades, Bryce O’Connor has created a fascinating, detailed and brutal world within the Wings of War quadrilogy, perfect if you want more hefty fantasy action in your life. With a non-human protagonist and more action that you can shake a stick at, you can also get the whole series for $0.99 at the moment:


Start this epic tale at:




The Wolf of Oren-yaro (Annals of the Bitch Queen Book 1)

“A mass murderer's daughter, abandoned wife, and Queen of a divided land: the perfect catalyst for war. Now she must stop the ruin she helped create, but how do you fight what you are fated to fail?” If you’re looking for character-driven epic fantasy with huge doses of horror, angst, and frustratingly tangled character relationships, then look no more. K.S. Villoso’s Annals of the Bitch Queen series is a highly critically-acclaimed epic fantasy saga that is inspired by a variety of rich cultures. 


Start your journey into Oren-yaro:






The Dragon’s Legacy (Dragon’s Legacy Book 1)

“A warrior will become Queen, a Queen will become a monster, and a boy plays his bird-skull flute to keep the shadows of death at bay.” Book one of Deborah A. Wolf's Dragon’s Legacy series, this multi-POV fantasy epic is packed with war and political intrigue, and spans a large-scale world brimming with detail. There are also distinct non-European flavours, keeping things fresh and unique.


Dive into this series:








Valley of Embers (The Landkist Saga Book 1)

The night is dark and full of terrors, especially for the besieged inhabitants of the Valley of Embers. In this world, only a handful of scattered towns survive against the night, and the terrifying creatures it holds. With themes of the Nighwatch, plenty of action, battle and magic, the Landkist Saga by Steven Kelliher is a fantasy series to immediately add to your TBR.


Get stuck in to this exciting world:











The Dragon’s Blade Trilogy

If you want more dragon-based fantasy, with themes of political manoeuvrings, Michael R. Miller has got your back! Here’s the concept of his bestselling series: “Arrogant. Scornful. Full of pride. Darnuir, Prince of Dragons, cares nothing for the damage he's doing to the faltering alliance against the Shadow. He thinks himself invincible - right up till a mortal wound forces him to undergo a dangerous rebirthing spell, leaving him a helpless babe in human hands.”


Get your copy of the entire boxset:







Out of Exile (Teutevar Saga Book 1)

Out of Exile by Derek Alan Siddoway is the first book in the Teutevar Saga, which is an epic, coming of age fantasy series with a slight wild west flavour. Derek has a unique and compelling voice and weaves an action-packed tale of revenge. If you like fantasy adventure mixed with a strong, evolving protagonist, multiple character POVs and plenty of political action, this is the read for you.


Start this original series at:








The Dragon Songs Saga 

Pining for more dragons? Fear not, J.C. Kang has bundled up his bestselling epic series, the Dragons Songs Saga, into one amazing boxset. Aside from also being only $0.99 at the moment, the Saga is perfect for fans of epic fantasy, coming of age and sword & sorcery genres, and is set in a unique, Asian-inspired world. Kang has built “a beautifully balanced world with stirring characters and an unpredictable plot in this epic series that's finely crafted down to the last detail.”


Download the entire boxset at:








The Woven Ring (Sol’s Harvest Book 1)

For folks who want some moral ambiguity, a terrible war with real repercussions, a strong female protagonist, and expanding POVs as the series progresses, you should check out The Woven Ring and the Sol’s Harvest series by M.D. Presley. Instead of your usual medieval setting, Sol’s Harvest takes place in a pseudo-American Civil War era world, and the story is an adventurous ride with high stakes, set against expansive worldbuilding.


Get your copy of book one:








They Mostly Come Out At Night

“Straddling the line between fantasy and folklore”, Benedict Patrick’s Yarnsworld series is perfect for fans of darker fairy tales, mythology, and mythical creatures. From the blurb: “The villagers of the forest seal themselves in their cellars at night, whispering folktales to each other about the monsters that prey on them in the dark. Only the Magpie King, their shadowy, unseen protector, can keep them safe.” But who is the Magpie King?


Enter Yarnsworld at your peril:








The Rhenwars Saga

“The Well of Tears is open and the terror of the night has been unleashed. Now, the last Sentinel left alive with the power to defend his world against the minions of the Netherworld is a man destined to be corrupted into the image of what he hates.” A bestseller in Myths & Legends and Military Fantasy, you can get this M.L. Spencer's fantasy pentalogy on the cheap for $0.99. That’s five whole books!


Bag your bargain book deal:






The Written (Emaneska Series Book 1)

And if I may be so bold, I’d like to include the first book of my nordic-infused Emaneska Series. It’s the tale of a Written mage Farden, sworn to protect an icy world and an uneasy ceasefire between the Arka and the dragon-riders that balances on a knife-edge. It’s a mix of epic and dark fantasy, full of war, mythical creatures, political intrigue and magic. The Written’s also currently $0.99 for the time being.


You can find The Written at: www.hyperurl.co/TheWrittenES1









I hope you enjoy the books above, and that they keep you in epic fantasy for at least a little while.


Take it easy!



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Ben Galley is an award-winning dark and epic fantasy author who currently hails from Victoria in Canada. Find out more:


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